February 20, 2012

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency

digital agency

In order to remain competitive in today’s markets, you need to start thinking outside the box and be prepared to embrace new technologies and methodologies. The writing is on the wall with regards to print media and how more and more businesses are funnelling their advertising budgets away from traditional print and into new media streams.

Many entrepreneurs foresaw this niche in the advertising market as the internet grew by leaps and bounds. As the internet grew, so did various related media,  such as social networks (Facebook, Myspace and Badoo  to name but a few).  The use of these networks for more than just staying in contact with your friends and family was quickly recognised by marketers, and digital marketing was born. The biggest example of this can currently be seen on Facebook. Its use of not only paid advertising, as well as allowing business to host fan pages that can be used to interact with a particular target market, makes Facebook a vital part of any digital strategy.

There are numerous other sites that all have their own appeal (i.e. Twitter – micro blogging). If you are new to any of these concepts, then I would suggest that you employ the services of a digital consulting company.  This, however, can prove to be a bit trickier than you would think. You could browse the business directories, or search the internet, but you might still end up with a consultancy or agency that might not be best suited to your needs.

Before you even endeavour to search for a consultancy, you would need to fully identify what it is that you need from a digital agency. Do you require them to manage your online reputation or to set up social media channels with which you can better reach a wider audience? These are but two key points that you need to consider. Another aspect is that each one of the two functions that I have mentioned above will deliver different variables and the time frame for the delivery of these variables would be different as well, so if you were hoping for a quick return on your investment, then think again. In certain instances, a quick return is possible. It is, however, more the exception than the rule.

There are various types of agencies available to you, ranging from the one man freelancer that, in most cases, would specialise in one or two aspects of digital marketing. The smaller agencies similar to the freelancer would specialise in one or two aspects and would outsource tasks that fall outside of their scope of expertise. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the smaller agencies costing would be less, however, the down side could be that the core of your idea could be lost in the explanation to a third party. The larger consulting agencies might charge a bit more. but they generally have the expertise in-house to facilitate all aspects of your project.

I have to make it clear that I am not advocating big businesses, but only suggesting that when you are compiling your needs,  you should take all of these aspects into consideration.

Nathan is an online marketing marketing specialist who loves reading about Digital Marketing services and other industry related news on digital consulting.

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