October 10, 2011

Brand Building VS Link Building: What’s the difference?


Brand building and link building might sound very similar, even if you have been in the SEO industry for years. However, brand building and link building are two totally different things, and each has its benefits. There are different reasons to use one or even both in your SEO campaigns.

Everybody already knows the value of building links with targeted anchor text to your website. There is one primary objective for every link building campaign – get your site ranking for competitive keywords! Link building has changed so much since back in the day when directory submissions and blog comments were standard procedure. Infographics have become a more popular route and, although it is seen as link baiting, it still works as a link building strategy. We are now also moving to the more social route where getting Likes, Shares or +1’s is almost just as important as getting those anchor text driven links for your website.

This is where I think that brand building comes into the picture. When people socially Share something that you have written or created there is never any anchor text present in the Shares, but rather just a brand name with a good piece of content attached to that name. A great deal of confidence is needed to do brand building, as you need to believe and make others believe that you know what you’re talking about. When building a brand you will mainly focus on broader and more general keywords, instead of more specific keywords targeting a certain page on your site.

Brand building will give your site more social media Shares in the future and, once people recognise your site as a leader, getting a link back from another site will be much easier compared to being an average Joe in the industry and scrounging for links. From there natural links might come through to your site.

Brand building might be more time consuming than getting a link from a site but it is well worth the effort.

The following ways can be used to help build your brand online:

  • You need to keep yourself active in the community by commenting on blogs while logged in with your brand’s account.
  • You will need to participate and create forums to help people in your industry as a way to show them you know what you are talking about, and that you’re really experienced in the field.
  • Use LinkedIn like clockwork every day. Make updates, post news, etc., as much as you can. LinkedIn is the best place to get in touch with other businesses from your industry.
  • Write guest blogs for authoritative sites that links back to your site.
  • Create videos and slide shows that have your brand’s name in the corner.

The main difference between link and brand building is what you want from them. Brand building is to make people aware of your company and to establish yourself in your specific industry. It is used to drive more traffic to your site whether it’s via links with anchor text or social media Shares. Link building is used to build the power of a certain page that will eventually lead to conversions. Websites can be setup in a way that certain pages are used to build your brand and tell other people more about you (through client testimonials, case studies and the like). Essentially, link building will be built around the services you offer but brand and link building can compliment each other in many ways. I, personally, feel that you need to have some balance between the two instead of focusing all your time on one of them.

I don’t feel like there is a clear-cut winner here between the two because they both give you benefits that will help your business online, and even offline. I certainly do look forward to the future of brand and link building, to see how it will start working collectively to help the SEO campaigns of a variety of businesses

About the Author

Darren has been working in the SEO industry for 3 years and has further enhanced his SEO skills on a daily basis. While improving his skills, he has also played a vital part in achieving better results for clients in many different industries.

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  1. Jean Kruger

    A very interesting take on things. I will be sure to take these in mind when building my strategy

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