June 26, 2012

How to Optimize & Setup my Website for Google Places?

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Small businesses, in order to expand their horizons, need to go online. It not only gives you more exposure and visibility, but going online for your small business will also make you more authoritative, credible and reliable among your competitors. Moreover, gaining online presence through various tools and methods is extremely cost-effective, and even sometimes, it is completely free of cost.


One such tool to gain more exposure and customers is the highly efficient Google Places. Google Places is yet another free tool in the Google’s free chain of products.

It is designed for local businesses, and since its release, has become a pioneer in the local business world.
In this article, you will learn how to setup your small business listing for Google Places, and some important tips to optimize your Google Places page.

How to Setup a Google Places page for your Small Business?

1. Sign up:
In order to get started, you need to have a Google account. It is always recommended to keep your personal and business accounts separate. If you do not have a business Google account, using which you will sign up with Google Places, go to and set up a Google account.
The next step is to use that Google account to sign up with Google Places. In order to do that, go to the Google Places webpage and click ‘Create an Account Now’ to start setting up your new account.

2. Basic Information:

To build a listing page for your local business, Google needs you to fill in some basic information. Some information is optional, while others are considered mandatory. However, it is always recommended to fill in all the information required.

Some of the information, which you will have to fill in, will be containing the following items:

• The name of your business
• The name of your country
• Physical address of your business
• Phone number
• Website of your business
• A short description of your business
• The best-suited category for your business
• Operational Hours
• Payment Options
• Photos
• Videos
• Additional Information (Completely Optional)

Setting up your Google Places is very much like setting up a website for your business. It is a listing, which will be visible to Internet users, who will search for your business’s related keywords. Therefore, it is equally important to optimize your Google Places page, so that it may be ranked up higher than your competitors.
How to optimize your Google Places page?

Optimizing a Google Places page is very different than optimizing a business website. It has a different set of mechanics and functionalities. Following are the important tips that you must consider during the optimization process of your Google Places page:

1. Citations:

Citations can be vaguely considered as backlinks. In order to properly optimize your Google Places page, you need to get many citations. A citation is termed as the verified information of your NAP. Here, NAP means ‘Name’, ‘Address’ and ‘Phone Number’ of your local business.

2. Keywords:

Optimization of keywords has the same concept as in general search engine optimization for websites and blogs. The idea is to intelligently incorporate all the related, profitable and potential keywords in your Google Places page. So, when people search related keywords on the web, your listing can be exposed to them.

3. Reviews and Feedbacks:

Another important factor in optimizing your listing is to consistently get good reviews and feedbacks from your customers. Encourage them to go online and leave you a wonderful testimonial, as it helps in building your reputation, along with optimizing your listing.

4. Images and Videos:

Use the images and videos options for your benefit in optimizing your Google Places listing. You are allowed to add 10 images and 5 videos to your listing, which can greatly benefit the optimization process. For example, every image can be accompanied with a keyword. This means that you can use 10 keywords to boost up the optimization.

By applying all the above-mentioned tips, you can easily optimize your Google Places listing.

About the writer: Matt Fuller offers advice for small businesses and web design Sunshine Coast. Matt works for Website Hotline, which is based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

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