April 3, 2012

Online Reputation vs SEO


You do not have to dispute the fact that dentists have to bring their practice online by commissioning a dental website. But the cyber landscape has greatly changed from what it was a couple of decades back. In the past, the term search engine optimization was the thing which would make computer savvy individuals’ heads turn. But now, most businesses’ marketing plan includes brand building. So what exactly is the difference between SEO and brand building?

If you haven’t thought about establishing your practice’s reputation, then chances are that people will reach your dental website through organic searches by searching for generic keywords used by rival dental practices. Most likely, they’ll find you by keying in “family dentist” or “cosmetic dentist” and including a place modifier in the search. But when you have a well established practice because you were able to build your brand properly, people will be searching for you specifically. Instead of using generic terms as search engine queries, they’ll be keying in your practice’s name. But why do you have to build your practice’s reputation when you’ve ranked first on organic search results. This is because people go for the brand they recognize. This means that regardless if whether your website ranks first on the organic search results but a more recognizable practice ranks a close second or third, chances are that searchers will choose that practice over yours.

Understanding the importance of branding

The reason for why it is important for dental practices to develop their reputation has to do with the fact that doing so paves way for a practice to be recognized as a leader in its field. But before you able to reach that goal, you can work your way up by commenting on related websites and having your presence felt in social networking sites. These often menial tasks not only allow you to network with other professionals within the industry but also help earn recognition. It also helps to share links with these high-ranking websites.

Why SEO still shouldn’t be left behind

Although branding your practice seems like a more sustainable plan with long term goals that does not mean that you should abandon SEO for good. You still need SEO to make sure that your dental website stays competitive in the searches. Branding is a very long process so it’s practical to have your dental website optimized for a couple of generic keywords.

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