June 25, 2012

SEO Tools – Google Adwords Keyword Tool

SEO Tools

Using SEO Tools to Improve Ranking

What it ultimately comes down to is conversion.  Getting the traffic to visit your website and purchase whatever it is you are selling, is what makes a successful website and is a challenging task. One excellent tool to assist you in doing this which is free is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Keyword placement technology is the secret science behind successful website ranking. Without keyword research, it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Websites must have the correct keywords to be able to pinpoint the customer’s demands.  Keywords that attract users to your website help you to determine what kind of consumer they are to better target their needs.

The best kinds of keyword to focus on are “long tail” keywords. Longtail keywords are made up of more than one or two keywords which usually constitute a phrase of three or more words. When users search the net, they are often looking for specific and detailed items or services. They therefore punch in phrases rather than just words such as, “Indian black tea”, rather than merely “tea.”Pay attention of the relevancy of the keyword phrases to your page content. If you want to sell something at a bargain price, then incorporate keywords such as “inexpensive” or “cheap” and maybe even “best price.” The Google Keyword tool is also helpful in sparking new ideas for campaigns. Your product or service can be expanded upon by viewing other keywords and ad group ideas while using the Keyword tool. By using broad keywords such as “healthcare” and then more specific ones such as “dental care” or “cosmetic surgery”, you able to spot ad group themes or possibilities for your site content. Identifying negative keywords is another benefit of using the Google Keyword Tool.

Getting to Know the Google Keyword Tool

When using Google Adwords Keyword Tool it takes a short time to get acclimated to it. Here is a rundown of how it works:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is an awesome tool for researching various keyword niches and discovering new ideas for your own website or business. The first step in using the Keyword Tool is to enter a relevant phrase or word that that you need for whatever your agenda is. After signing into the Adwords account, click the “Tools and Analysis” drop down menu and then select “Keyword Tool.”  Next, type in a word, phrase, or URL, in the appropriate section of the box. You can choose a specific category by using the drop-down menu. Then click “Search”. And the results will appear. The great thing about Google’s Keyword Tool is that you have access to a virtually endless amount of data to use in expanding the potential of your website. Also, another option is to put in the content of your entire website via URL which will give you keyword ideas based on the information from your site. The downside of using Google Keyword Tool is that Google benefits while smaller businesses don’t reap the same rewards. Google’s keyword tool is designed towards larger commercial industries in high competition arenas. Sometimes this inadvertently leaves out services and opportunities that favor smaller and home businesses.

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