August 15, 2011

Social Bookmarks : Reddit vs Digg

reddit vs digg

Part 1 of Social Bookmarks

We always hear about social networking sites such as Facebook, Google + and twitter and people seem to stick to them, never exploring the world of other interesting social medias.  I’ve notice that everywhere I go I see people log into Facebook to update their status, or someone quickly tweeting something to their followers. Even with the latest Google + craze you constantly see people busy with their social networking sites.

But what about the unsung heroes of the social bookmarking world? They seem to be making a splash into the word of social styling but in their own unique way and many people still seem to be missing out of the action. So today we will be educating you about the world of Social bookmarks.

Now remember Social Bookmarking and Social Networking are in leagues of their own and shouldn’t be confused.

Social Networking:

A social network (Facebook, Google+) is a big hub of individuals who are connected with each other via friendship ties, dislikes, common interests, hobbies or beliefs and any kind of group related events.

Social Bookmarking:


Social bookmarking is a simplistic way to sort out your internet life concerning links and sites you have or want to visit. In a social bookmark world you can store, manage and organize your bookmarks and links.

Social bookmarking also gives you the opportunity to search for other groups bookmark and link additions according to subjects.

Social bookmark sites usually work on a voting system and an organizing system with each bookmarking site using different styles to utilize these traits.

Instead of going to Wikipedia and searching the social bookmarks I decided to go to each site and have a good look around, making it a bit more personal. No Copy Paste madness here! Don’t worry I’ll still add a few interesting facts here and there.

In this article we’ll be comparing Reddit and Digg


What is Reddit?

reddit (small r) is a site where you can submit a link of a site as part of your personal bookmark collection and then be searched via a search bar and by relevance, date, hot factor or top voted by other members. The links are publicly displayed so that other people can vote and comment on the link you added.  There are main topics where the links can be found but the submitted links can be created into topical sections (“Subreddits”, sub sections) which is categorized to a specific target topic if you feel the need to be special (+67,000 people want to be special) .  This subreddit is most often used by companies and specific interest groups.

Reddit sent out a Google Analytics screenshot to show proof of the visitors to its site. They say it gets about 8 million unique visitors per month on a report done on July 16th 2010.

The history of reddit:

Reddit was created by two graduates, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, from the University of Virgina somewhere in 2004-2005.

The company became more established when Christopher Slowe joined in 2005, Aaron Swartz joined in January 2006.

Condé Nast Publications (owner of Wired) acquired Reddit on October 31, 2006 and since then has become a major social bookmarking site on the Internet.

Cool Features and community facts:

  • Link voting, votes can be cast on your link, often making it very popular or cast in the dark, so there are pro’s and con’s to this idea.
  •  Reddit takes part in world events. WWO used reddit as a stage to cast a vote on a name for a whale they tagged for tracking. This link went viral and grabbed a lot of attention, especially the attention of the reddit team as they created a logo specifically for the whale to create awareness.

  • Reddit also has a comment/vote feature where inside the link people can comment on the site and where votes can be cast towards the comment. Votes are often random as the vote could be for relevance, likes or dislikes.


           Common Lisp Python (2005)   jQuery (2009)


Mobile web

Mobile interface launched on In July of 2008

On first glance Digg looks a lot like Reddit and after further research it showed that both companies started in the same year, maybe further lifting my brow at the similarities. Digg and Reddit are constantly in battle between each other and ultimately it seems to be more a case of personal choice between picking one of the two companies than anything actually being improved upon.

What is Digg?

Digg is a social bookmark where stories are voted up or down by its users. Which is aptly named burying or digging. They have 20 million unique per month according to Dan Huard community Digg Manager

The history of Digg:

Digg was created by Owen Byrne, Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson and Ron Gorodetsky and designed by Dan Ries in November 2004.

On June 26,2006 with Version 3 released Topics such as science, technology, videos, entertainment, gaming and World & Business

In the year 2007 dig changed its user interface (profile) and in the year 2008 attracted 236 million visitors.

In 2010 Digg Ceo (Jay Adelson) released the new ideas for dig about a major overhaul of the whole site which was targeted on duplicate content. On August 25 when the 4th version of Digg was released they lost a vast amount of users due to glitches and bugs. Releasing Kevin Rose’s position at the company seemed to have steered Digg into the right direction once again.

Cool Features and community facts:

  • A function called Digg Dialogg gives members the opportunity to submit questions for a famous individual who agrees to do an interview with a reporter.
  •  Digg has a feature that integrates Facebook connect with itself. This allows the users to connect their dig and facebook accounts with one another. When they are connected you will be able to share your dig articles on facebook and new members can sign in with their facebook account without tedious registrations.
  • On April 19, 2007, Digg released an API project (Application Programming Interface) to the general public. This made it possible for software developers to write applications and tools due to high demand from members.


I’ve been digging for hours and couldn’t find information on Digg’s coding history,most likely the same as reddit (or reddit  has the same as Digg’s coding)

Mobile web

Mobile interface launched on In July 31, 2008  ( Both Launched in the same year )

After using the sites we thought it would be a good idea to list our experience of both sites onto this shiny little table to make it a bit more user friendly.

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  1. Tertius

    Digg = PHP shop.

  2. Definitely having more success with reddit than Digg, since the v.4 update. Also noticeably more visitors on topics such as humor, vs SEO etc.

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