Optimising Your Content for Social Media Sharing

Social media is a valuable medium for promoting content material. While it’s essential to direct content to your network of Twitter followers and connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+, the real value of s...
by Kaashif


Google +1 vs. Facebook Like: SEO Cage match

So everybody’s seen that little +1 button pop up next to their search results when they use the site. What is it and what does it imply? Most importantly, how can we use it to improve our sites rankings! So we d...
by Ruan

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Top 7 Methods to Increase Social Media Reach and Presence for SME’s

For most companies, generating leads may be the ultimate benefit of making and maintaining a social networking presence. First things first though, in order to use social media as a highly effective lead generation device, you ...
by Kaashif



Google Plus Your Brand – Infographic

Google+ launched last year June, and since then there’s been a cloud of uncertainty and controversy surrounding the social network. The media has covered everything from the similarities between the new comer and Facebook to ...
by Tetlanyo Lekalake


Google Plus Gets an Extreme Makeover

In the Last 24 hours Google has been tweaking its social network, Google Plus, the reason behind this is supposedly meant to make it easier to use and distinguish it from its rival Facebook. If you notice you will see that the...
by Cale Pissarra



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