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April 13, 2012

How to Facebook Your Way To Business Success


When you think of Facebook, you may think of cheesy celebrity news, your son talking about video games with his friends, or merely something nobody over the age of 30 should be doing. However, Facebook can be a valuable tool when it comes to promoting your business, whether you run a mosquito control business or sell designer clothes.

Some people actually turn to Facebook first when they are looking for a business. That’s because on a company’s Facebook page there is lots of valuable information to be found. First, contact information. Local info, such as addresses and phone numbers, and of course, a website, blog address or other relevant information.

What Facebook also has that other sites don’t is the power of word of mouth. Customers may talk about what a great experience they had with your company.

How To Get People to “Like” Your Page

First ask all of your best customers, family and friends to “Like” your page and then “Share” it. Offer a prize when you get to so many “Likes,” such as a discount on your product or service for all of your fans that have liked the page.

Offer specials every week, which will get people talking. Write posts about how great your product is and what it can do that competing products can’t. Ask fans of your product to write on your page about how satisfied they are with you and share the information with their friends. Pretty soon you’ll have a lot of fans.

Put Your Page Out There

Now, put a link to your Facebook page everywhere you can. On your website, your blog, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter account. Anywhere it can be seen.

Ensure your page comes up in searches by making sure the name of your Facebook page matches your company name or the keywords in your name. Keywords are the search words people type in when they are looking for a product or service and yours needs to come up immediately, so pay attention when you name your page and any other pages you have that involve your product, such as mosquito control.

Update, Update, Update

Sometimes Facebook pages that aren’t updated just slip into the nether of the Internet. That is, no one will use it, remember it, or click on it and it just stays unnoticed. A frequently updated page will stay on people’s radar and most importantly, on their News Feed.

Keep the momentum going by posting something unique and interesting every day. It can be a fact about your business or product, a blog post about how to use your product, or suggestions for how to solve a problem with the aid of your product. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to updates.

This guest post was written by Mary, who specializes in blogging about leveraging a business with Facebook, whether it’s mosquito control products or designer handbags.

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