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April 5, 2011

How to Roll like a Rock Star and increase your Twitter Following


Remember the letter? No? I may be the last man alive who does but I’m trying to forget the concept myself. I don’t even really know where to find a pen anymore when I need one; I figure that I’m a few months away from catching myself half-way to the museum to locate one. The world is all about connecting now – instantly! There’s no time to think, just to write and read, and I mean every single thought that pops into your head. Mediums like Twitter have revolutionised the communications system of the world and everyone’s involved.

In terms of marketing, Twitter is MASSIVE and Hollywood celebs have hardly let this slip by their notice. Lots of them have accounts and most are quite active (or their staff are on their behalf), but how do their regular controversial antics actually impact their Followers? Do we really penalise them when we rant at them for being inappropriate or do we reward them with huge bursts of increased following? Let’s take a look at the:

Twitter Impact on the Top Music Industry Controversies

Rihanna (@rihanna)

Followers: 4 341 271 -

Her latest video named ‘S&M’ hit the net on Tuesday 1st February and caused a massive stir. Video director Melina Matsoukas took the complaints with a pinch of salt saying that her goal is always to stir things up, so she considers it a success. As far as I’m concerned, the song is called S&M, so really, how can you complain if you’re going to watch it? It isn’t as though these critics had a reason to believe it was about airlifting Eskimo’s who’d mixed up Iceland and Greenland.

Consulting her Twitter account above, you’ll note that her Followers spiked sharply the day before as well as the day of the release of her video – no such thing as bad publicity. She also enjoyed an impressive boost of nearly 24 000 new followers the day after (2nd Feb), once most people had caught up.

You’ll notice that further up the graph on the 26th of Feb our subject gets another spike, this one really impresses, with nearly 73 000 new Followers gained in a single day! What is this dramatic event which so shook the core of our society that thousands of us ate dinner at the PC rather than the dreary family table? Well a celebrity cat fight, of course, as Rihanna and Ciara called each other names and aired their high school slap-a-thon on Twitter itself. Best day ever!

Chris Brown (@chrisbrown)

Followers: 2 239 839 -

Made infamous for his notorious assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, oh yes, and also his musical career – Chris is one long advertisement for anger management classes. When you’ve got as many issues as this guy, it’s good to work out a system of checks and balances, but Chris has that down pat. Although he never actually changes his behavioural pattern, he makes sure to always apologies after beating women, destroying offensive inanimate objects, making Raz B cry over being molested by his manager (poor helpless guy), or cleverly SMSing naked pics of himself to a vengeful ex and then being mystified as to how they ended up on the net.

The Rihanna war with Raz B which climaxed on 30th December saw Chris gain a whopping 108 832 new Followers (if your already paying TwitterCounter real money then you can still view it). His little skirmish with a threatening window (which was reported as stating that it would certainly never seek to offend Mr Brown ever again) gained him nearly another 44 000 Followers in a single day (March 22). And who says crime doesn’t pay?

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber)

Followers: 8 632 813 -

Teen idol of millions, young Bieber seems set to take over the world for sugar, spice and the forces of Disney. Can nothing bring down this indestructible lad besides the call of puberty *cough cough Hanson cough*? Other than the ticking of the biological clock, which spells doom for all young male stars (sorry Macaulay Culkin), it doesn’t seem likely that any comment other than a direct and public acceptance of the Lord of Darkness into his life will sway his multitude of fans.

The recent controversy over the Boy Wonder’s views on rape and subsequent abortion being part of God’s plan didn’t make any significant impact on his twitter popularity, even after he was widely taken out of context with his Rolling Stones quote of; “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason”. He also went on to state that “you guys [Americans] are evil”, when comparing them to Canada and ended off with the winning line of “I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby”. Despite the lack of impact on his Follower numbers over the 17th of Feb, that last quote did have medical practitioners reeling for several reasons.

Kanye West (@kanyewest)

Followers: 2 951 354 -

God bless this man! West has had scientists baffled for years regarding how it’s possible for a mouth to function while being entirely disconnected from any form of brain stem management. West is famous for shocking audiences at the Hurricane Katrina fundraiser (not to mention co-presenter Mike Myers) with the statement that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”.

He then upped his profile by becoming an award ceremony terrorist who at the 2006 MTV awards leapt on stage after he lost and declared “F**k dis! [My video] cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and s**t.” Before the Grammy awards he was quoted as issuing the warning that he would “really have a problem” if he didn’t win album of the Year.

At the 2007 MTV awards he was heard shouting “Give a black man a chance!” backstage after having commemorated the September 11th tragedy with a touching song titled ‘Drunk and Hot Girls’. Not long ago at all, during the 2009 MTV awards, he attacked sweet country gal Taylor Swift after she beat out Beyonce Knowles. In the heroic voice of one who had literally stolen candy from a baby he cried, “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!”  Needless to say, following award shows where Kanye West is involved in anyway has become its own sitcom.

Although he didn’t attend the ceremony himself he made it clear that he’d be watching – which caused his Twitter Followers to sky rocket as people eagerly awaited his mindless outbursts. He made five Tweets over the evening, all leaving his enhanced audience in stitches. The award ceremony was held on the 13th – you’ll note a boost of about three times his normal growth for the following day (35 663 new Followers) as people raced to read the vocal brilliance they’d heard about from their friends.

About the Author

Warren Kings
Warren Kings
Warren Kings is a professional SEO Copywriter for R.O.I. Media who enjoys trolling the internet in his off hours and making strangers cry. Other hobbies include scoring head shots on co-workers at Counter Strike and occasionally helping old ladies halfway across a busy street and then leaving them there.


  1. Celeb stalker

    An unstable celebrity with a Twitter account is the BEST thing ever!

  2. I wonder what the next Charlie Sheen-esque moment from a rock/pop stars will be.

    I’m hoping it’s something along the lines of Justin Bieber yelling at an old lady about how she should go fornicate herself with a large stick!

  3. Jacob McDingleberry

    Nice. Looks like there is a moral to this story, break helpless windows, or whine like a school girl at any major event and you can increase your following. Seems simple enough.

  4. celebtweeter

    One of my favourite celebrity tweeters is 50Cent- the dude is just real and says whatever he wants, its so amusing, love it!

    But I hate it when celebs do not tweet for themselves, just so commercial and impersonal and I unfollow those who do such things!

    Keep it Real!

  5. Curios Bob

    It’s interesting that when you insult a few people on TV, radio or twitter or wherever that your ratings go up and your pockets get stuffed with cash. It also goes without saying that Kanye seems to be the most sensitive “bad-ass” gangsta boy I’ve probably ever seen. What a chop ey! Good post!

  6. Lisa

    Wow, it’s always great to see how having too much time on your hands and far too much money leads to mature character development. I would have liked to see R Kelly!

  7. Lisa, R Kelly wasnt on the list because I think he was too busy hitting on under age girls. No time to tweet then!

  8. David Philips

    Lol @ “Rihanna war with Raz B which climaxed on 30th December ” Great post,would like see a comparison to Charlie Sheen.

  9. Amy Watts

    lol..justin bieber,really?? Where is charlie sheen and lilo…

  10. Aden Smith

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