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April 13, 2012

Is Pinterest an Effective Tool to Drive Traffic?


As the fastest growing social media platform we have to ask ourselves if the numbers count. Very effective as a social media site, Pinterest attracts a lot of women looking for and sharing creative ideas. The value of this traffic might be nothing if you’re just looking for ideas but you can use it to your advantage.

To physically track your statistics and see what people are doing you can easily pick up if in fact the traffic to your “pinboard” is effective. It is very important to have a high conversion rate. As conversions tell the true story if your pinboard is successful or not. Google Analytics and similar software can help you with the tracking and conversion rates.

So the only numbers you can count on for success is the number of conversions. As success of Pinterest was already proved your site still needs numbers to prove its success and by visiting your site, success is one click away. For a simple example three visits no conversion is no success where as six visits and five conversions means success.

Set up goals for your pinboard, like what to post, how to post it and remember to track it. Remember goals form part of a strategy which comes very handy in pinning situations. When you track it remember to monitor it regularly to ensure desired results.

A few tips that help people to convert:

-          Small images makes a person want to see it in bigger versions and clicks on it, this will help to increase the conversion rate.

-          Infographics have a lot of info and to see everything you’ll have to click on it.

-          Catchy headlines help to get attention and clicks

-          Click here for more info also gets people curious

Pinterest like any other social platform can be ineffective to your brand but if you apply a well-thought-out strategy this might be the best decision you ever made.



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