February 20, 2012

Sports and Social Media (Infographic)


In the past you would need to switch on the radio or open a newspaper to hear about your favourite sports hero, or catch up on the latest sporting news, well those days are gone. People today are ten times more likely to check their Twitter or Facebook for breaking sports news than sports radio. Now more than ever sports fans are using social media to stay connected with news outlets, sports personalities and each other. Just take a look below to get a better picture.

Social media for Sports


Infographic by gmrmarketing

About the Author

Cale Pissarra
Cale Pissarra
Coming from the small town of Salt Rock, he studied a BCOM PPE at UCT and POST GRAD in Enterprise Management. His passion for his football blog led him to the online world of SEO, and he lives by the saying: "if you not online, then where are you?"


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