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June 20, 2012

Successful Ways to find Facebook Fans for your Real Estate Page

Real Facebook Fans

Use the tools of social media to grow a following of fans without the advertising costs and time. A terrific place to start is with Facebook. Subscribers from all over the world will have the opportunity to know an expert in the real estate field and feel comfortable in what you have to say. Follow these tips on how to attract your own Facebook Fans and start reaping the benefits of online marketing.

Make your Website Customer Friendly

Before embarking on creating a Facebook Fan page, make sure you have something worthwhile to present. Take a look at your website and make appropriate changes to match your followers. Visitors come to websites to learn something new and exciting. By adding new blogs, dazzling pictures and advice for all types of visitors, your new Facebook Fans will have a reason to return. Having the same information posted for months will soon cost you once interested fans. Consider adding videos to your website of recent events, government interaction and unusual stories of how home buying has changed people’s lives. Keep your data upbeat and achievable.

Manage your Facebook Audience

Not everyone has an interest in real estate and controlling the stream of fans that join your Facebook page takes a bit of planning. Sure, you want as many fans as possible to visit your website but be realistic in what you have to offer. If you post unrelated items, such as vacations, recipes or DIY projects, your fans may turn out to be unsuccessful candidates. Instead, use your page to interest the public in new and exciting ways to recapture real estate opportunities, finding the best home for your money and the truth in flipping homes. Once this is done, email your customer base and invite them to preview your new website and Facebook Fan page.

Get Personal

Questions and ideas may be thrown your way by fans that have little knowledge about the changing real estate market. Approach these remarks like an expert and give your readers a reason to visit your site. In addition to teaching fans how to find pertinent information on your website, you are also forming a one-on-one relationship with credible home buying seekers. Friend those that are sincere in wanting to learn more and their friends will soon find you. Visit them on occasion, adding remarks, just to let them know you are interested in their views.

Get Fans Involved

Tickle your fans with upcoming promotions and real life stories that will leave them anticipating your updates. Throw in a contest and watch your visitors flock to your website. National retail chains are often interested in promotions that cost them little and you can use this incentive to build relationships with other companies that can enhance your business. Home decor, landscaping, financial institutions and builders are a few ideas to expand your realm of related interests.

The idea behind Facebook is to form a community of like-minded individuals that have a place to go and learn new things. It can also take the drudgery out of searching for companies through search engines that can be time-consuming and boring. Use your expertise and social media opportunities to grow a Facebook Fan page with interested parties that will appreciate the quick and easy information and keep your advertising dollars low.

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