March 22, 2012



The SXSW was without doubt on the “must attend” list for 2012. This infographic can guarantee you that just over 71,000 people wished that they were able to be present at the conference. Many went there to meet up with fellow twitter lovers’ while others attended just to familiarize themselves with the official hangover food, lastly there were some attendees’ that were present to get people eager about their start ups. But the thousands that did grace SXSW with their presence are able to vouch that it was unquestionably one for the books.

The Infographic below emphasizes just why so much people are so keen to attend the annual tech conference. It’s estimated that about 1,319,877 posts were recorded about SXSW across all of the social networking sites, with twitter ranking tops with just over a million tweets. Amongst the most influential was @timoreilly who had 29.72 impacts per post as well as @sgblank trailing close behind with 25.8 impacts per post. As expected American Express was amongst the top successful brands and the conference sold about 34,844 bottles of beer. This infographic reminds those attendees what brings them back every year and hopefully they bring a friend or two.


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