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June 22, 2012

The Best Way to Expose Your Business Using Online Social Media

Online Social Media for Businesses

Online social media advertising presents an opportunity to businesses like never before. Sites like Facebook, Mezee, Pinterest and Digg are changing the face of advertising forever.

In past decades, one could only dream of reaching such a large amount of people with so little time, effort and cost in the advertising world. Just like how television revolutionized how businesses were able to conglomerate, so too is online advertising revolutionizing how businesses de-conglomerate.

What does that mean? Well for one it means that any new or start-up business can gain a very big piece of advertising pie on the web by simply knowing where people show up and how to grab their attention.


New sites like offer companies an excellent break in point to advertise their products and services without the hyper-inflated prices that TV advertising has grown into. Online chat and social networking sites are a hotbed for that critical demographic of 18-28 year olds.

Even if the youths don’t end up purchasing the products right away, savvy advertisers know how to sneak their products into the public consciousness without the public even knowing it.

- Setting up your game plan -

When thinking about advertising online, businesses should know that there are three distinct types of online social networking sites, and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.The first is “Profile and Friend” based sites, like Facebook and MySpace. These are excellent for advertisers because users share a lot of information with these sites and you can target specific demographics to suit your product. You can choose to only advertise to 18-28 year olds or 50-60 year olds. You can also narrow down your area of advertising to specific countries or regions.

The second is chat, game or interaction sites, like or Omegle. These sites are good for advertising other si

tes or games, or direct download items such as ringtones or wallpapers. Chat sites like Mezee offer some of the highest click through rates of any advertising platform on the web. Free sites like Mezee are also great for new and upcoming brands to gain quick recognition and some very quick capital if their ads go viral.

The third type of Social Network is content sharing sites, such as YouTube, the Pirate Bay or Digg. These offer an excellent opportunity for aspiring artists to advertise their art, content or music, as well as more established brands to show their products to a wider audience.

Whatever your goals, internet social media sites have a niche for everybody.

Billions of people use the internet every single day, whether it is just to check their email, or to post their favorite content on a popular social media site.Over time, business and free social media have come to form an incredible partnership, one this is likely to last far into the future. As time goes on, the number of opportunities for new social media sites to flourish and for businesses to cash in will only become greater.

Who will become the next Facebook, Digg, or Chat Only time will tell. Be sure to advertise on the brands already here though, as they present the best opportunity for new business to make an impact in the online world.

Julieth Hernandez, Seo Entusiast. Follow Her @Julyhern

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