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March 16, 2012

Twitter Parties: Yes or No


Twitter Parties are something that anyone who is on Twitter and has a large follower base is going to hear about. Some of them may be things that you are interested in while others will be something that you absolutely dread reading. However, with all the tools that are available to mute users do you think that Twitter Parties can be a good idea or no?

Many users complain when Twitter Parties are in progress because it causing users to be extremely active. Even if you are not attending one of your followers may be or a person you are following may be in the middle of a Twitter Party and all you will see is their chats. Obviously, if you are attending the Twitter Party this would not bother you but when random information keeps flying pass your eyes it can become super annoying quick. Sometimes it may drive you to the point where you just want to stop communicating and following the person all together.

There are tools you can use to mute users when these Twitter Parties are taking place and there is even a way to access a calendar to find out when Twitter Parties that you do not want to be involved in are taking place. However, many users feel as though even though they have the option to mute someone for a specific amount of time they should not have to put in the effort.

Benefits of Twitter Parties

Overall, it seems as though Twitter Parties can be very useful. They not only allow you to possible gain more followers but they also allow you to actually connect with people who have the same interests as you. Some Twitter Parties will allow you to market yourself and they also help you get your tweets up. Not to mention the fact that if you use sites such as Klout you will find your Klout score increases if you keep attending these parties on a regular basics.

Disadvantages of Twitter Parties

The only major disadvantages that come along with Twitter Parties are the fact that you may be putting yourself at risk of losing followers if they do not know how to mute conversations yet. Also, you may piss some of your followers off if they do not mute the conversations. However, if handled accordingly you will find that Twitter Parties can benefit you in more ways than one which causes the advantages to outweigh the disadvantages.

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