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April 19, 2012

Who Was The First Social Media Site?


Taking a look at the past ten years and how social media has become a vital part of communication; who was the first social media site to exist?  The early social networking sites consisted of chat rooms that began in 1985, which can be looked at as the start of online blogging.  The idea behind these chat rooms was for scholars and business owners to be able to engage live from all over the world; exchanging ideas, information, and new findings in their fields.  The Well, Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link, was first on the scene and is the longest running “virtual community” today.  It only consists of about 4000 users that are in the scholar and reporting fields.  The next phase of development in social sites was to have users link to each other through email; in 1995 was highly popular during this time.

Six Degrees and PlanetAll– The First Facebook?

Six Degrees could be the first social media site that adapted the idea of what Facebook is today.  It ran for a short time from 1997 -2001 and allowed users to create friends list and exchange messages with those on the list along with finding others who shared the same interests.  The site was perhaps too advanced for its time; there were no advertisements to be had and it lost the money to continue on. PlanetAll was developed about the same time; however the site did not have linking functions nor was the technology invented to handle a large mass of people on either of the sites.

When MySpace was cool

In 2002, Friendster emerged on the scene and was one of the first social sites that went to the mainstream; however it was MySpace that prevailed in 2004 even topping Google.  This was the booming year for other social sites like: Linked In, Bebo, and the almighty Facebook.  MySpace was the only site the allowed users to share loads of data on one page and the music scene was directed here to showcase their fans and newest information.  Little did MySpace know that Facebook was about to spread its social wings and offer the site beyond the college users.

Why Facebook won

As the technology grew so did the social networking sites; and who ever offered the most trusted and user friendly site was the one all wanted to be a part of.  When Facebook open their doors to the public they also gave its users a multiple range of apps to include.  The more the versatility a social site had, the more people wanted to join.

Today, social media has evolved into an everyday, many times a day chatting and sharing form of communication.  A user can pick up their mobile phone and instantly link with thousands of their friends.  They can upload a photo or video to share among fans and make money, this is the up rise of social networking.

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