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March 27, 2012

Top 10 WordPress widgets


Events Calendar

It’s typically a widget that allows you to create events. With the Event Calendar installed WordPress will immediately create a custom Events post type for your new calendar system; this develops a system of event-style posts.

Video Player

It gives you the opportunity to manipulate and have control over the video player that you have. With a customizable interface that is quite friendly giving you a chance to give the player a look with your personal touch and feel. This entirely works to enhance your user experience and enjoyment. This player supports MP4, F4V, Mp4V, MOV, M4A, M4V, YOUTUBE and RTMP live streaming.

FaceBook Walleria

Ever wanted to bring FaceBook closer to your WordPress site? Well, this widget does that pretty well by embedding FaceBook objects to your website. Using FaceBook graph it gets information about Events, Photos, Feeds, Albums, Comments and in a stylish way presents the information to your website. Through this widget you can in one instance update your site and FaceBook profile. You can also make changes to your Album and Events and this will reflect on your site as well.

Social Box

What better way than to have an account and the statistics related to your WordPress site? The Social Box widget displays the current number of FaceBook like, Twitter followers, YouTube Channel and Feedburner Feed subscriptions.

In cases where it is impossible to reach the API, you can input default values that will be displayed instead.

Roo Link Directory

This widget gives a great opportunity to those having interests in internet marketing and fields of the like. The widget quickly sets up business link directory plugin that allows users to add their sites or business to your directory based on multiple methods that are available.

Magic Members

This plugin allows you to create a restriction to a site that is strictly meant for members that are paying, it allows the site owners to sell their downloads and posts separately. Offers loads of features that will enable you to customize your WordPress site transforming it into a professional premium content members-only website that is user friendly.

WordPress Robot

This is one unique auto blogging plugin with the ability to automatically permit the administrator to add posts and contents to their WordPress blogs. This plugin also permits addition, translation, content rewriting from RSS feeds, Yahoo, Flickr, ebay and many more.


The VidEmbed plugin provides an easy way of adding videos inline with your WordPress posts and widget areas. Has the capability of adding videos from many sources because of the support it gives to both self hosted videos and as well as YouTube and Vimeo.

Twitter widget pro

The Twitter widget pro has the capability of linking the multiple Twitter accounts that you have so that it may be able to display your latest tweets, Retweet and favorites. It as well displays user avatar and links for hashtags just incase you wish to. It reduces the average waiting time to load since it has a powerful caching system linked to Twitter’s database.

Special Recent Post PRO

Its core purpose is to display your recent posts with thumb nails. Perfectly suits online magazines and blogs, having more than 60 customization options available to the user, also able to re-size thumbnails to the desired dimensions. You can as well make use of auto generated PHP short codes to insert the widget in any part of your theme.

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